Create your own wedding name cocktail topper. Choose different variations of colors or keep it simple and classy with black and white! These toppers can be used on Hot or Cold Beverages. Perfect addition for weddings! Please provide Names and date in the personalization box.



Quanities are listed below this is for each item. If you need multiple quanities of toppers you will need to add appropriate amount of items to cart.


EX. 100 toppers would be 12 items of 2.5 inch size. for a total of 108 toppers. 



Pack of 6     (3 inch) round toppers
Pack of 9     (2.5 inch) round toppers
Pack of 20    (1.5 inch) round 



We always recommend 3 inch toppers because the image will be bigger. Deciding the size you need depends on the glass you will be using. We suggest measuring your glass before ordering. Be sure to check out our sizing listing for more help. 


Toppers look best on foam or cream based beverages. We recommended using a straw to drink from with toppers in place or the toppers can be easily removed to enjoy your beverage. While the wafer paper is edible the texture of it changes when placed in liquid. Toppers are made with wafer paper, they will slowly dissolve and sink to bottom on the glass. 


Wafer paper is thin and translucent similar to a piece of paper. Once wet it will change texture. It will stay in a round shape but will not stay firm once placed in liquid. Once topper is placed on drink they may shrink a little. Toppers will stay in place until the drink is handled. When using toppers make sure your hands are dry and be gentle. Place toppers in the drink flat not at an angle or submerge them or the print will bleed. 


The toppers are stable for up to a year when stored in a dry place in a zip lock bag or air tight container at room temp. Keep in mind the ink may fade over time especially in direct light. please do not refridgerate. 

Made with edible wafer paper and edible ink sourced from USA suppliers.

Wafer paper is made with potato starch, vegetable oil and water. Gluten, dairy and nut free. Kosher.  Wafer paper is produced in a facility that also produces nut products.

Edible ink is made with water, glycerin and food colorings-some colors contain propylene glycol and citric acid for preservitives. 

Name and Date Cocktail Topper

  • Wafer paper is stable for up to a year when stored in a cool dry place in a zip locked bag or airtight container. Keep in mind the ink may fade over time especially in direct light.